Les Recettes

Chefs like to keep their special recipes under wraps, but Sylvie is happy to share some of her favourites with students at her Quichenette Cooking Classes. Check out Sylvie’s Instagram account, where now and again one of her recipes will appear for you to try yourself at home, especially when the produce is in season!

Du Vin

They say the best drop can enhance a dish into l’expérience de la gastronomie, and we all know that good food is nothing without great wine! Sylvie knows which wines to serve with the range of dishes she creates as part of Quichenette Catering and her Quichenette Cooking Classes – if you’d like some wine-matching tips, Il suffit de demander!

Le Jardin

Sylvie loves to select the best produce from grower’s markets in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula region, but she also enjoys growing her own. In the garden at Belvédère, Sylvie’s home at St Andrews Beach, she grows the basics required of every kitchen garden. She can show you how and what to grow to add to the…