About Sylvie


Sylvie was born in Marseille, France, and moved to Australia in 1986.

Over the years, she’s blended her deep love of French culture with other influences, resulting in her passionate and flavourful international cuisine.

Sylvie’s wide knowledge of food, beverages and hospitality was enhanced by her vast experience managing delicatessens and restaurants in some of Australia’s iconic food and wine destinations, including the NSW Blue Mountains and Melbourne.

Her love for food and beverages has gifted her a passion for all things edible, which has led to her forming her unique two-pronged business.

Making from scratch and growing her own, Sylvie adds a taste of freshness and savour to her unique Quichenette Catering service.

An experienced food culture mentor, she also offers Quichenette Cooking Classes and catering that varies with the seasons.

Expect la différence when you experience Sylvie’s wonderful cuisine!